Terms & conditions

Individual travelers

Cancellations for private reservations less than 12 hours before departure there is no refund.

Group travel

Cancellations less than 24 hours before departure, or “no show”, payment must be paid in full. There is no invoice fee in our invoices.

Terms of sale

1. Introduction

Our services are governed by these terms and conditions, along with the information outlined in our booking solution. Any specific agreements reached in writing between the parties shall take precedence in case of conflicts, provided they adhere to legal requirements. These terms are further supplemented by relevant legislation concerning consumer purchases of goods.

2. Identification of parties

We, Porterservice AS, located at Strømsveien 80, reachable via porter@porterservice.no and +47 906 10 009, are herein referred to as the 'Seller.'

The term 'Buyer' designates the consumer placing an order.

3. Transparent pricing

Transparency in pricing is paramount. The quoted price for goods and services represents the total payable by the Buyer. This price includes all taxes and additional charges, ensuring our customers have a clear understanding of associated costs. Prices are stated in Norwegian Kroner (NOK) and include Value Added Tax (VAT).

4. Contractual Obligations

Once the Buyer submits their order, a binding agreement is established. However, it's important to note that this agreement is not binding if incorrect information or spelling errors, identifiable by either party, are present in the Seller's booking solution or the Buyer's order.

To facilitate the purchase, the Buyer is required to provide a valid mobile phone number and email address, enabling efficient booking management, responsive customer service, and service delivery as requested.

All personal data is managed in compliance with prevailing regulations for personal data processing. For more information, please consult Porterservice's privacy statement.

5. Payment procedures

Payment for services may be requested by the Seller once the order is confirmed. Confirmation occurs immediately upon validation of the payment method through Nets.

6. Delivery protocols

Delivery commences upon luggage collection from the agreed pickup location and concludes when the luggage is delivered to the Buyer or their representative.

Following order confirmation, the Seller promptly sends a booking confirmation along with a booking reference, facilitating real-time tracking of luggage from pickup to delivery.

7. Cancellation rights

Cancellations for private reservations less than 12 hours before departure there is no refund.

Cancellations for group travel less than 24 hours before departure, or “no show”, payment must be paid in full.

8. Responsibilities of Porterservice

We strive to maintain the availability and functionality of our online booking solution. However, its functionality depends on several factors.

Temporary unavailability of certain components may occur during maintenance or unforeseen circumstances. Porterservice is not liable for direct or indirect losses resulting from the use of our online booking solution or its unavailability.

Additionally, we reserve the right to modify our online booking solution's features or discontinue our operations as deemed necessary.

9. Obligations of the customer

The Buyer is responsible for providing accurate pickup and drop-off locations, ensuring the correctness of personal information, and utilizing a valid payment method.

10. Contacting Us

For inquiries or communication needs, please reach out to Porterservice using the contact information displayed on our website.

You can also contact us via email at porter@porterservice.no or by phone +47 906 10 009.

We are here to assist you.

Published: 25.09.2023, Edited: 18.10.2023